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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Friends for Allah's sake

 Assalamu Alikom all happy faces!

It has been a wonderful week subhan Allah. To me a wonderful week is that one where Friday finally comes and I can say: "This week has been full of barakah and I have learned something new".

Yet again, I am struck my Allah's (swt) Glory. His (swt) Mercy and His (swt) wisdom. Yet again I am left speechless, and amazed by His (swt) greatness. All I can really do is to utter: "Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah" As I shake my head.

I don't even know how to put these feelings into words. I can not describe my thoughts, and it makes it very hard to write this post, but I will try my best.

I have truly yet again been reminded of what a friendship "for Allah's sake" really means. I've yet again been reminded of the ease it brings and the productivity that it increases.

It's almost been 2 years since I moved to Qatar, and no matter how hard I tried to struggle with my Deen on my own, I knew that I needed muslim sisters around me to help me through and motivate me through trials and hardships. Our religion stresses on the fact that our surrounding matters to our deen and eeman. That friendship has a great influence on the minds of people.  This influence can be in a positive way as it can be negative.  The adage says: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. 

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said: The Mu’min (believing person) is the mirror of his/her Mu’min brother. [Abu Dawood]

Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) said:The good companion is like the person who carries perfumes (for sale) while the bad companion is like the one who inflates bellows (to inflame a fire)”.
This last hadeeth basically means that a perfume seller smells like perfume and he will make you smell good when you come to buy from him (Such is a good friend who will affect you with good). And the man who blows into coal to inflame a fire will have a bad smell of ashes and smoke, which he will most likely leave with you when you come to buy coal from him (such is a bad friend who affects you in a bad way). 

Subhan Allah, I have finally met two sisters who have left such a great influence on me. Sudennly I have gotten the motivation to do so much ibadah. I feel like my days are filled with barakah, and my soul is happier than it has been for  a long time. Subhan Allah, my amazement is caused by the fact that it only took another God-fearing person to lighten up the productivity and motivation inside of me. 

With this said, I have immediately introduced yet another friend to our little group and slowly I am hoping that we will be able to grow like this.

Your surrounding really does affect you. If you want to become a better Muslim, try to look at the people who you are spending your time with and ask yourselves if there is any kheir (good) in it. Do they help you nurture your soul with ibadah? Do they remind you of Allah swt? If they see you committing a sin, will they advice you for the love of Allah swt?

I need to go now, so I have no more time to write. But I hope that you will benefit from this text :) insh  


  1. wa alaikumsalaam Meryem

    Thanks for subbing to my blog =) You are the first!

    I'm glad you found some good companions alhamdulillah. It's essential to have a few close sisters who are practising and whom you can also be yourself around. Having a good hubby is such a blessing and they are good companions too, but we also need girl friends. Ahhh, I feel the need for some closer friends too. InshaAllah I will be blessed with them, as you have been.



    1. Salam Huda, it seems like i can not visit your blog. Can you send me an invitiation on if there's no problem with that? Jazak Allahu kheir.

      In shaa Allah may Allah swt give you close sisters who you will raise your eeman with and just enjoy your days with in shaa Allah. I really wish that, since i know the importance of their presence and I know the struggle of their absence :( May Allah swt give you sabr and reward you. Ameen.

  2. Love this post : ) It's tooo truee! I have made friends with some sisters and their or my intentions were not right so the friend ship did not last and it fell through. A lot of conflict would arise but then I have a few sisters that I know it is a mutual love for the sake of Allah and we genuinely care about each other.

    1. Ma shaa Allah Yessi Fhd. Then I believe that you really understood the post and that you are able to make so much more out of it insh. I'm happy to know that you saw the difference and sough Allah' s satisfaction .. may we always be this strong and stronger that it. :)
      Jazak Allahu kheir dear.