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Saturday, 20 April 2013

I ate pigeon and bunnies!

Assalamu Alikom Dear All.

How are you doing tonight?

I've been good alhamdulillah. Better than I can possibly say.

I ate Pigeon meet!!
Today I went home to my in laws and we had pigeon for lunch. I've never tasted pigeon before, and I must say that it was pretty delicious. I expected the meet to taste like chicken, but it didn't really. It was more like duck and close to lamb. Interesting..

I've been eating things in Qatar that I've probably never have even tried while I lived in Sweden. (Don't judge) I tasted rabbit meat too. Yeah, I ate bunnies! It was pretty good too. I'm becoming an all-eating person hehe. We also have duck pretty often. I know it's a normal thing but I honestly never had duck until i came to Qatar.

The green dress:
So, I haven't been able to take a pic of my newly sewn dress yet. I haven't been at home the past weekend. Well barely. Been at my in laws most of the time. It was really nice :) It felt good to leave the four walls at home and just enjoy the social life.
 :) I must admit that it is one of the great ways of healing one self from sadness or any form of depression- just get social.

Books that I'm reading:
Right now it is still the book: "The happiest woman in the world" by |Aid El-Qarni. I don't really finish all of my books, i go back to them whenever I feel the need to find answers and recharge my batteries. These books are not just random books with one story which need to be started and finished and moved on with. These book are more like the kind of books which you constantly go back too, or you open random pages in, or perhaps you\ve all ready read the entire book not knowing that you have...

My book:
I've taken a large pause with the book that I'm currently writing. I've been very demotivated and distracted from it. At some point I went through something and it had drained me from energy. My mind was not able to focus. I was simply stuck and that made me so sad and helpless... useless... But alhamdulillah I am feeling like I am abut to regain my strength, and motivation, and this is only due to Allah's swt help. I just need a little bit more time, and I'll be completely fine and ready.. For some reason I feel like I need to hurry up with everything. Almost as if the time is passing so fast and it is being wasted..

My kitty:
I never mentioned that I don't have pixie anymore. Yeah, we had to get rid of it due to certain things from before but kheir in shaa Allah. Well, I can not say that I miss him that much. He was a sweet kitty, but honestly, He was a little bit too much for me. With his hyper mood and naughty smart actions, he became quiet a handful. Alhamdulillah I am happy that we found a great owner for him. However, my inlaws have this neat and adorable kitty cat, and I just feel like hugging her all the time. She is so decent and sympathetic. I don't know how to explain it but she basically makes you want to eat her alive... hehe

Became healthier:
Lately I've been reading alot about dangerous chemicals being sprayed all over fruits and vegetables. I've read about this GMO chemical which is found on Monsanto's (I think it's what it was called) products. About Agent Orange and a lot of other dangerous chemicals. I've also read that the govorments don't want to teach us about natural medicine which can be found in fruits and vegetables only because they want to poison us with their dangerous chemicals and medicines. It all sounds weird when I throw it all out like this but if you want to know more about these things, this is the page on Facebook:     .

So yeah, I am being more careful and cautious of what I put into my mouth. Let's just say that the swine flue vaccination seemed suspicious all ready then...

That's all for tonight... Sleep tight :)

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  1. Insha'Allah, you'll motivated and ready soon to continue writing your book! :-) Will you be posting some excerpts? I would love to read some, insha'Allah!

    May Allah bless you with inspiration and motivation, Amien.